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My Mistress Eyes
Don't Give Dwarf
Off The Cuff
Ethos Effect
Not The Marrying Kind
Through The Gate
All Dwarfed Up

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#136; Audiobook narrator, Wayne Mitchell, joins us this week to discuss his work in voicing our favorite demon, Hellboy! Wayne narrates the audiobook versions of previously discussed novels "Hellboy: The Lost Army," and "Hellboy: Bones of Giants," amongst many others!

This episode, we talk with actor and audio book narrator Wayne Mitchell. Wayne studied with Andrea at Playhouse West and talks extensively about the audio book narration business: how he got in, his experiences recording, getting work and dealing with the authors and publishers. It's a great episode for anyone interested in getting into the audio book field!

L. E. Font Studios

L. E. Font Studios

     Audiobooks and samples recorded at my home studio, fondly referred to as L. E. Font Studios.

    Not only have I had a life long love for elephants, but the name also comes from the fact that when you're in the same room as the studio, it's hard not to talk about it...

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