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Endless Online, Oblivion's Blade;

Book 1

Val had returned from his latest tour of duty scarred in body and soul. Barely able to walk and drugged to the gills for pain, he thought his killing days were finally behind him. He couldn't have been more wrong. 

Endless Online, a hyper futuristic game where players could truly live another life...

Val loved the idea of starting over in virtual reality. But when someone he cares about turns up missing after chasing that same dream, Val quickly learns that Endless is no simple game. 

And if Val can't figure out the dark secrets behind this realm of wizards, warriors, and intergalactic conquest, then it's game over. For everyone...

Endless Online, Oblivion's Promise;

Book 2

It's real. All of it. A realm of blasters, spaceships, and magic. A universe where people really can increase in skill and power, becoming so much more than they once were. 

All it takes is the locked potential of every foe you slay, their stories becoming your own. 

Yet there is horror as well as wonder in this magical realm, and when Val locks gazes with a beautiful girl moments away from death, he comes face-to-face with a lost tribe of people long thought extinct. Just a handful of survivors, and thousands more trapped in deepest slumber, only hours away from death. 

Even as Val embraces the most perilous and noble task of his life, an entire dreadnought filled with enemy soldiers readies itself for the next step in their campaign of conquest, and Earth is the prize they will claim. 

To bad they didn't see Val coming. No one ever does.

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Endless Online, Oblivion's Price;

Book 3

Val thought it was over, having gambled with fate itself for the lives of all those he loved. He did not expect to wake up in a hospital bed, in the crosshairs of a professional killer.
      A friend he thought lost forever shows him a mysterious game that only a select few can jack into. It's the perfect escape, and what seems a fun lark becomes all too real as he enters a realm where level-ups affect both worlds, dying in game is dying for real, and no one is hungrier for Val's secrets then the men hunting for his head.
     Time is running out for Val and everyone he loves. 
     So much for happy endings.


Marked for Death Valor thought he would have a chance to start over back on Earth. A chance to savor all the advantages that leveling up in a world full of futuristic technology and ancient magic has given him. 

But fate has other plans. 

A tactical strike is initiated, a neighborhood obliterated. Val fears his enemies have discovered his terrible secret, and have marked him for death on both worlds. 

Even after escaping back to the realm of Endless, hidden foes attack without mercy. The death of Overlord Tytus has sent shock waves through all of Jordia as countless Highlords make their bid for the throne. 

Now Val finds himself facing off against treacherous nobles, cold-blooded assassins, and mad tyrants bent on conquest. If Val and his friends are to have any hope of surviving, he must dare the unthinkable. 

He must declare himself a contender, face off against an entire world's worth of opponents, and claim the throne for himself!

Endless Online, Oblivion's Peril; Book 4

A sneak peek at the making of Book 4 'Oblivion's Peril'.

"4 minutes behind the mic; the good, the bad, and the ugly"

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Endless Online, Oblivion's Crown;

Book 5

Explore! Level up! Take over an entire planet, and take out anyone that gets in your way! 

Against all odds, Val and his men have survived a savage assault initiated by a ruthless foe. But Val was forced to pay a steep price after taking out the enemy commander, a retributive curse that has every living Jordian eager to claim his scalp, including his own allies! Only Julia, a Terran half-blood like him, is immune, and there is only one way to break the curse. They have to charge into enemy territory, sneak past countless troops, and somehow defeat an entire clan of Highlords hungry for their heads. 

For Val, it’s not just about survival. It’s about revenge. 

He is determined to take out the bastards who thought they could enslave his entire planet under the guise of a virtual reality game. And what better way to accomplish this than by seizing control of the very world spearheading the invasion of Earth! 

Val better act fast, using strategies no one ever sees coming, because the entire corrupt council of Jordian Highlords will stop at nothing to destroy the Terran gamer who dares to walk the Path of Kings!

Blood of Fate

World 99 Series, Book 1

The body of young, paralyzed Luca, a boy killed by cruel bullies, becomes home to an interdimensional traveler. This is the 99th world for this traveler who has spent an entire life in each of his previous worlds. And now, he is out of lives, his previous misdeeds leaving him with a negative balance of points and preventing him from reincarnating anew. Once he realizes that he must spend his final life in a poverty-stricken family in a backward world, he awakens the consciousness of the deceased Luca and ends his own physical existence, leaving all his abilities to his heir.

One such ability is the use of the Wheel. Every traveler can spend points to spin the Wheel and gain a special talent, a superpower, or...a deadly illness. Luca spins the Wheel and gains the superpower of metamorphosis. Now, he can regenerate, recover from deadly wounds, and even take on the shape of other beings. The young man takes on the form of the Emperor: to avoid death, help his family, and finally, to bring order to the Empire!

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BOI Cover art.jpg

Best of Intentions

by L.K. Farlow

Nate Reynolds is a smooth-talking playboy cop who finds himself wanting to settle down when he meets Jenny Jones, a forever kind of girl with hearts in her eyes.



Humanity's Edge Trilogy art.jpg

Humanity's Edge Trilogy

Books 1-3

Clay Dobbs has an ideal life coupled with a remarkable job: Long-time sheriff of Carterville, and loyal husband of 19 years. Everything changes though when an egomaniacal military man storms in, barking orders for immediate evacuation. 

Sheriff Clay is tasked with maintaining order in his utopian town, rounding up reluctant evacuees . . . and for killing the Crazed. His very moral fiber is challenged with every step of the way until they are all gone. In the end, will he make it out the same man he was before, or will he be Turned?

The full trilogy now available as a bundle on Audible.


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Transform Your Fitness by Mastering Your Psychology

Lose, gain, fast, feast, work out, and give up. Too often, the quest for a fitter lifestyle can feel like a never-ending cycle of failure. The truth is that the key to changing your body isn't finding a magic exercise or diet strategy - it's about fundamentally changing your mindset.

Devan Kline, founder of Burn Boot Camp, takes an integrative approach to fitness that transcends workout and diet routines. By identifying deeply rooted psychological obstacles, he has helped countless people build a healthier and more fulfilled life. In Stop Starting Over, he draws on personal experiences, coaching lessons, and practical strategies you can use to create lasting change and never start over again!

  • Design your life 

  • Create lasting change 

  • Discover your passion and purpose 

  • Turn belief into action and results 

  • Conquer common excuses 

  • Develop life-transforming strategies and more 

Success is 90 percent psychology and 10 percent strategy. With Devan's techniques, you'll master your mind, body, and spirit to build the happy, healthy life you deserve!


If you're waiting for a sign to start your business

You have grand entrepreneurial dreams, but uncertainty and fear of failure are holding you back. The fact is, there’s no better time to start a new business or expand an old one than right now. And you can make it all happen by embracing the core principles of one remarkable family.  

Over the past decade, Glenn and Jordan Edwards, a father and son team of visionaries, have built numerous profitable companies from the ground up. In This is It, they show you why some small businesses thrive while others crumble, and share the know-how and best practices that enabled them to succeed spectacularly. They also provide actionable tools to help you begin creating a strong, viable, and enduring commercial enterprise today.  

It’s time to stop procrastinating and take the leap. If you’re looking for the motivation, inspiration, and expert guidance you need to get your journey started, This is It.

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The proven, contrarian formula to GROW your business FASTER than ever

Are you only making a fraction of the income you could and should be making?  Has finding a steady, predictable, and reliable way of getting new customers been a constant struggle? 

Are you tired of always “grinding it out”...with almost ZERO results to show for all your gut busting effort...with no end in sight? 

Just Sell the Damn Thing shows you how to accelerate your company’s growth and how do it in a way that makes a lot of money FAST. 

Through stories from his 30 years as a serial entrepreneur plus dozens of practical tips, Dan shows you the fastest and most effective way to get a FLOOD of new customers, build your business, and make the highest possible profits.


If you desire to achieve all your goals and finally realize the “dream lifestyle” that you got into business for in the first place...then this is the audiobook for you.

What the F**k Are The Three Principles?And 18 Other Questions Answered from So-Called Wisdom

This audiobook presents the most definitive guide on the three principles ever made (according to the author).


Author, speaker, dancer, philanthropist, and self-made genius Amir Karkouti has accumulated 18 questions that have been pondered since the discovery of the three principles by Sydney Banks. Although Amir Karkouti was not a welder with a ninth-grade education, he pretends to know about these three universal gifts. Join him as he dismantles these pressing questions and allows each listener to get a mind-blowing insight into the three principles of mind, consciousness, and thought. 

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Restless Hearts

Montana Justice Series, 

He’s fighting for a second chance with his first love...before it’s too late.

The last time PI Blaze McClintock was on her family’s ranch, she left in handcuffs. She vowed then to never go home again...until her estranged father is accused of murder. He’s not a good man - this entire Montana town knows that. But Blaze believes her father is innocent, and she’ll do anything to prove it, even ask the one man who broke her heart for help - the only man in town who’s on her side.

No matter how hard he tried, Jake Horn could never forget Blaze. As teenagers, their passion ignited, leaving destruction in their wake. Now, years later, it’s obvious little has changed. But as they work together to unravel what really happened that night, a dangerous secret threatens to separate them for good. This time, though, Jake won’t let Blaze go without a fight - even if it means risking his own life.

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MOTP cover art.jpg

A note from bartender Brian McNulty, Raymond Ambler’s friend, confidant, and sometimes adviser, sets the librarian sleuth off on a murder investigation - one that he pursues reluctantly until a second murder upends the world as he knows it. The second victim is a lady friend of McNulty’s - and the prime suspect is McNulty himself.  

While Ambler looks into the past of Dr. Sandra Dean to understand the murder of Shannon Darling in the present, NYPD homicide detective Mike Cosgrove investigates the men in Shannon Darling’s life. She might have been murdered because she frustrated the wrong man. It could have been a jealous wife. In fact, any number of people might have murdered Shannon Darling. Or, as Ambler suspects, did someone murder Dr. Sandra Dean? 

The Killer Trap

The Detective Series, Book 2

Revenge looked easy until the Russian mob showed up.

A military-trained PI struggles to protect a beautiful woman from the Russian mob while plotting revenge on the killer who murdered his army brother and two children. 

Connor Marin and five team members had been part of a Ranger squad fighting the cartels in South America when their communications got hacked. That meant that Sanchez, Connor's closest friend, a man he had laughed and drank with, had been butchered by the cartels. The army brass never suspected the murders were more than simple executions. But Connor found a trail back to the real killers. How could this have happened? 

This is the second of three audiobooks in the Detective series. The Killer Trap can be listened to without having listened to the other audiobooks.

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The Shaggy Man of Oz_cover.jpg

The Shaggy Man of Oz

by Jack Snow

founded on and continuing the famous Oz Stories by L. Frank Baum

Just in time for its 70th anniversary, the classic Oz fairytale is now available as an audiobook fully realized with sound effects and music.     

Come along as the famous Shaggy Man of Oz helps the twins Tom and Twink to escape the island of the mysterious wizard Conjo! Guiding them along their way is Twiffle, the little wooden clown come to life; as well as the king of the fairy beavers!     



Audiobook Narration Sample Reel

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

American Sniper by Chris Kyle

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk 

The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

World War Z  by Max Brooks

Pat Hobby & Orson Wells by F. Scott Fitzgerald

L. E. Font Studios


     Audiobooks and samples recorded at my home studio, fondly referred to as L. E. Font Studios.

    Not only have I had a life long love for elephants, but the name also comes from the fact that when you're in the same room as the studio, it's hard not to talk about it...