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Video Game
Was very psyched to get a role on Syfy channel's "Deadly Class". It's a show that doesn't pull punches, and likes to shock its audience. Case and point, see what happens to the abusive boy's home guard Hank when he pushes Marcus (the lead character) to the point of violence. All flashbacks in the show are told in animated sequences that pay homage to the original graphic novel.
Oddly enough, this is one of my niece and nephew's favorites, despite the fact they don't know who any of the celebrities are.

ADR/Loop Group

ADR/Loop Group

IMN Creative

Since 2009, I've been involved in the incredible world of Loop Group. I was fortunate enough to run into a fellow former student from Playhouse West (Jeanine Meyers) at a play and she told me that her husband (Mark Binder) needed some voices for a college film, would I be interested? The answer was 'Yes!', and nearly ten years later I continue to be blessed enough to be a member of their team. 

     The first show we started 'looping' was Dan Harmon's brilliant series 'Community'. I 'contributed a verse' to nearly half of that series' run (48 episodes) and it was wild. Not only did we give voices to all the extras in the backgrounds pretending to talk, we voiced rallies, angry student protests, and massive paintball shootouts! We sang, improvised interview talk shows, whatever was asked for we did and had an amazing time doing it.

     I've continued with IMN voicing television episodes as well as multiple horror movies and haunted houses. There's been times where the psychopath killer I'm improvising is so dark and menacing, I can't help but wonder where it's all coming from? Mark is a big believer in going big, when it's called for. It's a place I'm not afraid to try something completely off the wall because I never know what I might find. He's a real artist that loves working with actors.

     I wouldn't have been able to afford to make SOLEDAD if it wasn't for my involvement with IMN. I continue to heed the call when Mark reaches out and continue to feel lucky to have a seat at the table.

A rare look into the refined art of Loop Group

This was from the Syfy show "Channel Zero, Butcher's Block". My preparation: "You're one of several demon babies that bounce between worlds, haunts an insane asylum, and very well may be just a nightmare in a girls mind. We're keeping it Public Domain, so please sing/chant Bah, Bah, Blacksheep. Go!" BEST JOB IN HOLLYWOOD!!!

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