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In the winter of 2013, I partnered up with my life long friend Eduardo Maytorena, and we set out to make a film about someone who could get easily lost in the cracks but has the chance to step out of his safety zone and be the hero of his own story. We wrote it specifically for our mutual friend Jesse Celedon, teamed up with a business partner that appreciated our shared vision, Douglas Bravo; and we all set sail on a journey that is the independent feature film SOLEDAD.

We like to say it's 'Taxi Driver' meets 'Pretty In Pink'. 

We premiered at the 31st Chicago Latino Film Festival in April of 2015, took the Grand Jury Prize (runner up) Award  at Dances With Films the same year, and continued to tour around the world with our little passion project. We're happy to say that it is now available on Amazon Prime! 

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I'm happy to say, "Yes, this is a REAL FILM!!" Shot on 16mm cameras that were older than anyone on the set. This was the short film I made as my 'graduate project' while at SFSU from'95-'98. It wasn't required to make a film to graduate with a degree in Cinema, but I made one anyway. It was film school so I wanted to make a film.

Like all of my projects, I was the editor and used one of the earliest online editing programs, 'Media 100', but then had to cut the work print myself using a flatbed editor. Old school, literally. Even had to pay for a negative cutter. There was so much to it!  It really helps you to appreciate how good we have it now.

To make the film I maxed out my credit cards and enlisted the help of some friends I had made from competing on SFSU's Speech Team. It was one of the first ways I got to know my life long friend Eduardo Maytorena, and it stars the incredibly talented Andrew Greene.

I was really into Quentin Tarantino and Scorsese at the time. (Still am)


Pure Kill
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