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The Shaggy Man of Oz

by Jack Snow

based on the famous Oz stories 

by L. Frank Baum

Just in time for its 70th anniversary, the classic Oz fairytale is now available as an audiobook fully realized with sound effects and music. 

Come along as The famous Shaggy Man of Oz helps the twins Tom and Twink to escape the island of the mysterious wizard, Conjo! Guiding them along their way is Twiffle, the little wooden clown come to life; as well as the King of the Fairy Beavers!


Will this merry band of misfits make it back to the land of Oz? Or will Conjo's evil plan to become the new wizard of Oz become a reality? 

With just under four hours of storytelling rich with memorable characters, music from yesteryear, and a story for kids of all ages; "The Shaggy Man of Oz" is perfect for those long road trips, or as a 'relief pitcher' for Mom or Dad during story time.


Produced in association with Spoken Realms; stories well told. 

Available for purchase at:


The Shaggy Man of Oz

by Jack Snow

founded on and continuing the famous Oz stories by L. Frank Baum


Running Time, 236 minutes

Opening Credits - :26

Author’s Note - 1:50

Dedication - 1:14


1. The Twins Look In - 5:03

2. On the Isle of Conjo - 6:22

3. Omby Amby Bears Bad News - 8:23

4. Ozma Uses the Magic Belt - 7:18

5. The Castle of Conjo - 14:34

6. The Magic Airmobile - 15:24

7. Into Hightown - 9:35

8. The Lord High Mayor - 27:19

9. The Valley of Romance 15:15

10. Lady Cue - 14:16

11. What Happened to Shaggy - 7:12

12. A Midnight Adventure - 8:45

13. Tom Goes to the Rescue - 9:15

14. The Valley of Love - 8:25

15. The King of the Fairy Beavers - 8:17

16. In Beaver Land - 7:33

17. The Tunnel Under the Desert - 8:35

18. The Flame Folk - 7:36

19. The Barrier of Invisibility - 7:38

20. At the End of the Tunnel - 4:53

21. The Wizard Is Excited - 8:41

22. Conjo in Control - 5:59

23. Twiffle Says Goodbye - 5:59

24. Twink and Tom in Oz - 3:50

25. The Black Bag of Magic Tools - 2:46

26. Twink and Tom Home Again - 2:33

Closing Credits - 1:13

To download a free copy of “The Shaggy Man of Oz”, please visit:


All music available for free download at:



This audio presentation is narrated, produced, and edited by Wayne Mitchell.


This audio recording of “The Shaggy Man of Oz” by Jack Snow is Copyright 2018 by Wayne Mitchell. Produced in association with Spoken Realms,


This production is dedicated to my niece and nephew Leela and Max Mitchell. Your Uncle Wayne loves you to pieces!! 


Cover art by Wayne Mitchell; Tom and Twink played by Max & Leela Mitchell. 

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